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Every time I've used Waste Collectors Finsbury Park I've been really impressed with how quick they work and the quality of loft clearance.

  • Chuck Tring

The best thing about Junk Removal Services has to be the team of rubbish removal experts they have on staff. Everyone is so friendly, and really willing to go the extra mile, it make such a difference.

  • Tilly Mirka

Rubbish removal is usually a pretty tricky and costly task, so luckily Waste Collectors Finsbury Park were on hand when needed to prove me wrong.

  • Tina H.

RubbishRemovalFinsburyPark helped me with sofa disposal. My favourite sofa was too old and it became even dangerous to sit on as it could fall apart at any time. I saw that this company did pretty good work with furniture and decided to hire them. They were fast and diligent - amazing team!

  • J. Hardy

As I have mobility issues it is extremely hard for me to handle rubbish removal myself. I have friends and family helping out every so often, but even they have enough of it and they live far away. I had Rubbish Collection Company give me a hand with the work and they worked on it patiently and professionally. Good job.

  • Stephen H.

Having never hired a company like Junk Removal Services before, to be honest I was nervous. I had no idea if they were going to do a good job, but thankfully my fears were soon put to rest. They de-cluttered my attic in a speedy fashion, and were very respectful of my privacy!

  • Allie Thistle

I had been planning on getting rid of my old electrical equipment for a while but the job always seemed to be too much. This would change though when I chanced across Rubbish Collection Company. They showed me how easy it could be, because they would do the job for me. They impressed me with their hard work to collect and dispose of all the old goods I had. I didn't think anyone could do the job this well, but I'm glad they proved me wrong.

  • April R.

I hired Rubbish Collection Company when I wanted my loft cleared out to replace my roof. It was a big undertaking as there was so much waste up there. I salvaged what I wanted and then left the remaining work to the experts. The staff was helpful and worked thoroughly and with care. It was a messy job, but they dealt with it. The service was absolutely wonderful. The loft clearance was done speedily and at an affordable rate. Thanks!

  • Eric Thomas

When my aunt passed away, we were in despair and wanted help with home clearance. We had grown up in that house and it was really tough to pull through. After meeting a couple of clearance service providers, Waste Collectors Finsbury Park was a godsend. The supervisor was empathetic and let us takes our time to sort the home. They did not mention about the extra time they had to spend because of this. Our healing journey was made a little more bearable with their timely service.

  • Jonah R.

Waste Clearance Finsbury Park were excellent when we tidied our garage out recently. There was so much old junk to dispose of we had to hire a company to take it away as we simply didn't know how else to remove it. We knew we couldn't handle the entire load ourselves and so we needed professional assistance. We received an excellent service that was done effectively and at a very affordable price!

  • Kay Morris

Waste Collectors Finsbury Park did a brilliant service when I was moving office. They first called to give me a price and note what I was disposing for permit reasons. Then I was pleased with the cost and booked immediately. They arrived on time and soon loaded up the truck and were on their way to the recycling depot. Amazing!

  • Helen Barrett